Why Hospitals (and Their Nurses) Love Cuddles

Posted by Chris Konicek on June 3, 2018 8:00 am

It takes as little as 4 seconds for an abductor to leave a room with a baby and make an exit. That leaves little to no time for this person to be detected and stopped which is why you should never miss an opportunity to keep the babies in your care safe. Leverage the best in infant protection systems with Cuddles as your solution for ensuring that every tiny little bundle of joy stays safe and comfortable within the confines of your hospital.

Easing minds by promising comfort and confidence

The birth of a baby is all about change: a family grows and a baby takes their first breath. In their first few days of life, a newborn can lose as much as 5-10% of their body weight. There’s no one size fits all when it comes to a newborn's weight, nor is there a one size fits all when it comes to an infant protection bracelet. That’s why we have created a bracelet designed specifically for the comfort and security of little ones.

Cuddles Baby

Our one-of-a-kind self-adjusting bracelet stays secure as each baby’s weight changes. While our bracelets won’t fall off or become loose, they are still comfortable. Our ultra-soft polyester blend bracelet puts infants’ comfort first and won’t cut or chafe their delicate skin. The flexible material accommodates every newborn and won’t trigger a false alarm due to weight loss. But should the tag be tampered with, you can rest assure that an alarm will activate to alert staff and the perimeter of the unit will be locked down.

An added level of security also comes in our mother-baby matching. With a band that will never fall off and cannot be tampered with, there is no possibility of a mismatch.

“It adds another measure of comfort and confidence for parents. We’ve also added an extra layer of security that provides mom and baby matching capabilities. Each tag is uniquely identifiable to match mom and baby. We wanted to improve the old system with state of the art technology,” said Susan Kennedy, OB Nurse Manager at Carthage Hospital.

Leveraging technology for security

We know you only put the babies in your care in the best of hands. With caring nurses, skilled doctors, and attentive staff, your obstetric and pediatric floors are safe and full of heart. But do you leverage the right technology to add another level of security and confidence? Let your nurses and staff focus on what matters most—caring for mothers and their infants—while the Cuddles infant protection system does the rest.

Our system is unique in that it is not dependent on a PC or server. This means that if your software were to crash, you can rest assured knowing your infant protection system is still fully functional: your perimeter is secure, alarms are working, and every infant is protected.

Jim Matney, President and CEO of Colquitt Regional Medical Center, says the Cuddles infant protection system is part of the hospital’s goal to use technological advances to provide the highest level of care.

"This is one of many measures we have in place to keep the babies safe,” he said. “Colquitt Regional Medical Center is setting the standard for healthcare by providing the latest high technology in all areas of care we provide while still giving a personal touch to our patients."

Like Jim says, we built Cuddles so that nurses could focus on their relationship with their patients instead of spending that valuable time managing a system. With a simple system in their hands, nurses can activate tags as well as admit and discharge patients in moments.

Plus our easy-to-use hardware and software work seamlessly together to make alarm fatigue a thing of the past. With the number of beeping machines in any hospital (from monitoring vital signs and medications to preventing things like fire and theft), alarm fatigue is a very real thing. With Cuddles, nurses, parents, patients, and staff will have a renewed peace-of-mind knowing that an alarm won’t sound unless a real problem has arisen.

Do you want to hear more from people just like you who use Cuddles in their obstetric and pediatric environments? Come see us at the 2018 AWHONN Annual Conference. We’ll be in booth #1100 and we’re hosting a Nurse Appreciation Party on Monday, June 25th from 5-8pm at American Social. (If you can’t make it to AWHONN, you can still email us to learn more!)

"We love Cuddles for 3 reasons:

    1. Safety. There are very few nuisance alarms.
    2. It's a standalone unit. If there is an issue with the IT service in-house, it has nothing to do with this system. You are still safe.
    3. Ease of use and installation. It's down to a fine science."

Beth Cassidy
Maternity Director from Park Ridge Health

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