CertaScan® by Accutech Offers Digital Footprinting

Posted by Chris Konicek on August 20, 2018 7:00 am


Accutech, a leading provider of healthcare security solutions, announced today that it has partnered with CertaScan® to provide digital footprinting for newborns. Infant security is a paramount concern for maternity wards, and baby identification is a critical part of keeping newborns safe. Footprints from birth are a recognized and viable way to uniquely identify each baby.

Digital footprinting offers many benefits over the traditional ink and paper method that over 65% of hospitals use today. The process is quicker, easier and less messy for nurses capturing the footprint. It can also be stored digitally, for added security within the hospital and quick identification throughout a child’s life, as the footprint is a unique identifier at any age.

CertaScan® by Accutech will offer an extra layer of security unmatched in the industry when paired with Accutech’s infant protection system, Cuddles. “The majority of infant abductions happen in hospitals and it takes only seconds,” said Chris Konicek, Accutech Sales, and Marketing Director. “Offering digital footprinting was a logical next step for our organization, so we can provide the absolute best infant security available for hospitals.”

Another enormous benefit of CertaScan is the ability to use digitally stored footprints to help law enforcement. In the tragic event of an abducted or missing child, law enforcement can access the database to identify unknown missing children who are found. Currently, there isn’t an easy to way to identify missing or abandoned children, as CertaScan is the first and only national database for child footprints.

“Providing superior infant protection solutions is a top priority for Accutech, but I’m also extremely proud of our partnership with the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children,” shared Konicek. “With CertaScan, we have the largest database of infant footprints in the world and can help identify and protect missing and abandoned children for generations to come.