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Cuddles Provides an Extra Layer of Protection at Buena Vista Regional Healthcare Foundation

Preventing Infant Abduction from Healthcare Facilities

ResidentGuard Wander Management System Enables Increased Freedom and Safety for Residents in New York Community

Combining Cuddles with CertaScan® Digital Footprinting Provides Greatest Security Available to Maternity Wards

How Much Does a Wander Management System Cost?

Accutech Introduces Sleeker, Less Institutional, "wander wearable" for ResidentGuard Wander Management Solution

CertaScan® by Accutech Offers Digital Footprinting to Maximize Newborn Security at Healthcare Facilities

Update: Woman Who Abducted Newborn Sentenced to 18 Years

Why Hospitals (and Their Nurses) Love Cuddles

Faulty Wander Management System Found in Case of Memory Care Death

Recent Abduction Attempt Sheds Light on Need for Infant Protection Systems

Protect Your Hospital From Lurking Predators

The Importance of Having a Reliable Wander Management System

Introducing the ID-TAD: An LCD Enhanced Tag Tester That Provides More Information and Convenience

Putting Patient Care and Comfort First

Less Risk, More Freedoms with Waterproof Tags

Introducing Automatic Tag Transfers: Gain Flexibility and Enhanced Security

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8 Things to Think About When Choosing Your Infant Protection System

7 Ways Cuddles Stands Above The Rest

Ensure Your Nurse Call and Wander Alarm Systems Integrate Seamlessly

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The Importance of Properly Configuring a Wandering System

Carthage Hospital Implements Accutech "Cuddles" Infant Protection System

Accutech Security Introduces Software Utility for LS 2400 ResidentGuard Wander Management System

Accutech Tag Test Station Brings Never Seen Functionality to Wander Prevention and Infant Protection Systems

Infant Abduction in South Africa Sheds Light on Need for Infant Security Systems

Accutech Security Announces Release of 7.0 Software


Successful Infant Abduction Demonstrates Danger of "Alarm Fatigue"

Wander Management System Video Demo

Accutech Security Introduces New Low-Cost Wander Management System With Individual Resident ID

Growing Demand for Wander Management in Assisted Living Facilities

Missing Endangered Person Alert - Infant Taken From Hospital

Frustrated Customers Forced Into Costly Upgrades

Infant Abduction From Hospital in Quebec Sheds Light on Need for Infant Security Systems in Canada

Research Suggests Alzheimer's More Deadly Than Estimated

Accutech Systems Withstand CPU Failure

Watch Mate and Home Free Ending Support

Accutech Attending Leading Age Annual Convention in Dallas

64th annual American Health Care Association Convention

Accutech Systems Demonstrate Dependability for Years to Come

Accutech Security Introduces FacilityGuard - Bringing Unprecedented Value and Scalability to Electronic Access Control

Cuddles Infant Protection Survey Results

Earlier Administration Of Medication May Prevent Alzheimer's

Cuddles Infant Protection System Will Allow You to Stop Managing a System & Start Managing Your Patients.

Maintain Resident Security in an Evolving Assisted Living Environment

Cuddles Leads the Industry with Safeguards Against Electromagnetic Interference

The Future of Wander Management

Cuddles Mother–Baby Match to Prevent Confusion

New Study Shows Link Between Lack of Deep Sleep and Brain Deterioration in Older People

Make-up Artists In The Delivery Room? Luxury Birthing Suites Offer Luxe Comforts

Be Alert For Signs Of Elder Financial Abuse.

FBI Points Out Safety Tips To Prevent Infant Abductions

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Professional Athletes Showing Signs Of Dementia From Head Injuries

Service Dogs Improve Quality of Life For Alzheimer's And Dementia Patients

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NIH Holds Alzheimer's Summit

Adult Day-Care Offers An Alternative to Nursing Homes

Security Audit Demonstrates Cuddles System Success

Infant Abduction Tragedy Points to Classic Profile

Dutch Village Gives Alzheimer's Residents A Home Again

Medical Center In Georgia Debuts Cuddles System

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November is Alzheimer's Awareness Month

Accutech Resident Guard IS3200 Wander Alert System

What is RFID? How RFID functions to create a wander alert system.

Accutech Experiences A 120% Growth In ResidentGuard LC 1200 Wandering System

Meeting The Growing Demand For Health-Care Related Security Systems & Adjusting to the Growing Alzheimers Population

2011 AWHONN Show a Success

Wander Alert System Helps Skilled Nursing Home

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Accutech Resident Wander Alarm System Installed @ TlC Care Center

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