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7 Ways Cuddles Stands Above The Rest

From the moment their baby is born, parents rely on you to keep their infants safe and secure. Unfortunately, infant abduction is still a very real threat which makes your choice of infant protection system of utmost importance. Protecting newborn patients is a high priority and choosing the right system to guarantee their protection is as well. Here are seven ways that the Cuddles infant protection system stands apart from other systems that claim to offer the same protection.


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Ensure Your Nurse Call and Wander Alarm Systems Integrate Seamlessly

When purchasing a wander alarm system for your community, it is critical that it works seamlessly with existing systems. After all, the goal of purchasing such a system is to increase resident safety and security, not create disjointed processes for your staff.

This blog will examine wander alarm system integration with nurse call systems, including the benefits of that integration, and what to look for in a wandering system.


3 Critical Features to Look for in a Wander Guard System

When selecting a wander guard system for your community, there are actually many important factors to consider. You want to make sure that the wandering system you choose fits best with your community and provides the best possible security for your residents—and different vendors offer vastly different capabilities.

In this blog, we’ll examine three critical features to look for when examining wander guard systems.



LC 1200 and LS 2400 Wander Management Systems From Accutech Are Certified To Be Sold Within The European Economic Area And Meet The Growing Need For Elopement Security In The European Market.


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The Importance of Properly Configuring a Wandering System

A recent lawsuit filed in a wrongful death suit against an assisted living facility in Duluth, Michigan highlights the importance of making sure the installation of a wander management system is complete and the configuration is correct. Seeking damages in excess of $50,000, this lawsuit is the result of a resident with dementia wandering out of the facility through an unlocked door that was not monitored. After an investigation, it was determined that “WanderGuard” system in place to prevent the resident from wandering was not connected to all of the unlocked doors in the facility. When the seventy-four year old woman’s body was found, the bracelet was still fastened around her ankle.


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Carthage Hospital Implements Accutech "Cuddles" Infant Protection System

Carthage Area Hospital’s Maternity Ward has recently implemented a new Cuddles infant protection system provided and installed by Special Care Systems, as a way to bring added support and comfort to parents. The system combines patented tags and bracelets with advanced technology to prevent abductions, while ensuring the general safety and security of infants.


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Accutech Security Introduces Software Utility for LS 2400 ResidentGuard Wander Management System

Accutech Security announces the release of a low cost, stand alone software utility for the ResidentGuard LS 2400 system, giving users the option to add resident pictures to individual displays. After attaching a picture to a tag number in the utility, it will appear with an alert at the nurses station or entry-point keypad when an alarm is triggered. In addition, the utility also enables users to adjust range and frequency settings on controllers as well as standardize and implement control door alarms and times. The software is scalable by the size of the system, making it an attractive and affordable option for facilities with LS systems of any size.


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Accutech Tag Test Station Brings Never Seen Functionality to Wander Prevention and Infant Protection Systems

Accutech Security Introduces a Tag Test Station Compatible with All Current Systems.

The Tag Test Station from Accutech Security gives current and future users the ability to see the remaining battery life and warranty date and on any of their RFID-enabled tags. This increased protection and ease of use feature can be added to any Cuddles infant protection, Kidz or ResidentGuard wander management system at an affordable price point and does not require additional installation. The Tag Test Station also allows users to see the tag program number, battery percentage and has a field for tag notes. With the addition of the Tag Testing Station, Accutech’s product line continues to provide secure environments at a lower total cost of ownership with a wide range of features offering options to match any need and budget.

The Tag Test Station is a small receptacle that is wall-mountable or can sit on a desk. It connects to any PC or laptop computer using a USB cable. For facilities with a software enhanced system, the Tag Test Station will integrate directly with version 7.0 of the enterprise software solution (free to existing users). This integration provides additional features including automatic initiation of the admission or discharge process when a tag is placed on the unit.

Accutech’s unique tags can be turned off when not in use - saving battery life. A simple LED light assures your staff that the tag is on; And the tags simply last longer than competing systems. With the Tag Test Station, facilities experience an added layer of tag management and confidence knowing that tags are charged and functional.

In a recent customer survey, over 90% of respondents said they would recommend Accutech products to a peer and over 90% said the same about technical support. Accutech Security's specialized, RFID-enabled solutions have been installed in more than 5,000 locations worldwide. As a leading manufacturer of security systems for 30 years, Accutech has extensive experience working with businesses of all sizes to provide reliable, cost-effective solutions for the safety and security of people and property within a facility. All Accutech systems are assembled in the U.S., and installed and serviced by a vast network of authorized dealers; creating the most comprehensive customer service program in the industry.


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Infant Abduction in South Africa Sheds Light on Need for Infant Security Systems

Last week in Cape Town, South Africa, the Magistrate's Court handed down an indictment for an infant abduction that took place in the Groote Schuur Hospital in 1997. The woman who is charged with kidnapping the two day old infant after convincing the young mother to take a nap while she watched her newborn daughter. The indictment states that she "entered the maternity ward of Groote Schuur Hospital, where Celeste Nurse was convalescing after the birth of her daughter. She befriended her and convinced her to hand her daughter to her so that she could sleep." Eighteen years later, the crime was solved when a younger daughter of the couple who experienced this tragedy entered the same high school as the abducted girl. Their striking resemblance led to truth of their origin.


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Accutech Security Announces Release of 7.0 Software

Accutech Security is Releasing a Free Upgrade to Their Software Solution Across All Platforms Featuring Significant Improvements to the Graphic User Interface and Simplified Reporting.


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